COUP Vintage Brut

  • COUP Vintage Brut
  • COUP Vintage Brut
  • COUP Vintage Brut
  • COUP Vintage Brut

COUP Vintage Brut

We get it. Many of us celebrate with bubbles on the occasion without caring to know the story of how and where it's made. We thought the same until we looked behind the curtain to find an incredible art-form dating back centuries. Think champagne is just champagne? We think not. How your champagne is made matters a lot to us. If mass luxury is your game, goto you local store. You'll fit in as part of a crowd. One of a million.  
COUP curates from independent, small-batch producers. We support the families who rely on their farming and wine making technique to put food on the table, and their kids in school. They aren't big brands, or large production facilities with endless rows of the same machines and containers. Instead, these are winemakers who live for their art, not for glitz and glamour. And the champagne? It promises to be as distinct and unique as you are. One IN a million.  
The process from grapes to vintage champagne is not for the impatient. It's a testament to the resilience of wine makers. Sure, you can technically declare a vintage and age for just three years. In our experience, the longer the aging the more complex the aromas and delicate the flavors and bubbles. We like that. So we collect vintages and age for longer. Much longer. Our 2004 vintage has been aged for 15 years. 10 year challenge? Try 15 and you'll start to appreciate the length of time. That's Napoleon Dynamite territory. It's so long that we hand paint them black to block light from undoing 15 years of work.
This 2004 Vintage Brut is from J de Telmont, a 4th generation boutique champagne producer located in Damery, France. These incredibly rare and limited bottles have been longer aged and now only available from the COUP collection. 
Every bottle is an expression of the resilience and power of being unique. In fact we encourage you to personalize with an engraving of your favorite caption, quote, message, or phrase that moves you, speaks to you, and inspires you. Live with intention. Celebrate with meaning.   

Our passion is curating collections of incredible vintage champagne, made with the highest level of integrity in six key areas:
I. grapes grown on their own estate
II. hand-picked at the peak of maturity
III. all juice comes from the first press
IV. small batched for exacting vinification
V. aged significantly longer
VI. minimal sugar added
Craft Champagne is noted for its deeper and more complex flavor profile that arises from a longer aging process. The texture of the bubbles are much finer and delicate for an exquisite tasting experience. 

COUP curates from the top 1% of independent producers, hand paints the bottles matte black to block light, and then ships direct to preserve the way Craft Champagne was meant to be appreciated - from the cellar to your table.
  • 90 Points Gillbert and Gaillard. We collected the last remaining bottles of this 16-year cellar aged vintage harvest. The nose opens up to delicate notes of ripe lemon, white-fleshed fruits and brioche. Lovely volume, full body yet also freshness and mellowness on the palate. Remarkable fullness and lengthy fruit exposure.

    Pinot Munier: 40%, Pinot Noir: 20%, Chardonnay: 40%


    Items are customized and then shipped via UPS Ground within 1-2 weeks, sometimes via air if we believe the weather is too warm. 

    Your package must be signed by someone who is 21 years or older. Business or residential address with reception recommended. We are prohibited from shipping to KY, AL, MI, UT.



    Thrilled. Delighted. Satisfied. This is how we want you to feel about your purchase. Laws prohibit us from accepting returns, but if you find any issue with your order, contact us so we can make it right.

    If something arrives damaged or defective, let us know and we will make arrangements for a replacement.

The Bottle

- Small Batch Craft Champagne - Hand-painted matte black bottle

The Engraving

- Anodized aluminum plate - Laser engraved - (Optional) Personalized with a special message